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2012-02-27 10:29 pm

2011 Reading Recap

A shout out and thanks to Goodreads for another year of tracking my reading.

The best:
Ready Player One; Ernest Cline
Welcome to Bordertown; Ellen Kushner
The Postmortal; Drew Magary
The Last Werewolf; Glen Duncan
The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear; Patrick Rothfuss
The Unwritten; Mark Carey
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy; JRR Tolkien

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2011-01-01 02:59 pm

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I didn't make it to 100, but I got close. And if you split the "Absolute Sandman" collections into their individual book counts, I surpassed!

The best:

The entire Sandman series, by Neil Gaiman via the gorgeous Absolute Sandman release. (#9-12 below)
Horns, by Joe Hill. (#17 below)
Elegy Beach, by Steven Boyett, the sequel to Ariel. (#38)
The Passage, by Justin Cronin. A gloriously sweeping and epic story of a vampire apocalypse. Trust me.(#52)
The Hunger Games and its sequels. (#57-59)
Joe Hill's Locke & Key graphic novels. (#53-55)
Warren Ellis' Planetary graphic novels. (#84-87)
The Guild comic series. (#90)
Richard Kadley and his gritty, violent and clever view of "urban fantasy." (#20 and 72)

(thanks to Goodreads for keeping track!)

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2010-01-01 08:43 pm

My 2009 reading log

These are the books I read in 2009, I made the goal of 50 spot on (with a little bit of a rush there at the end). They are in order of reading. Thanks to Goodreads for keeping track for me.

1. The Ivory and the Horn (Newford, #6),de Lint, Charles - I enjoy his tales of urban fantasy set in his city of Newford

2. Kushiel's Avatar (Kushiel's Legacy, #3), Carey, Jacqueline - I love these stupid books so much. Intricately plotted, kinda pervy, what's not to like. This may be the best of the bunch.

3. House of Leaves, Danielewski, Mark Z. - I wanted to like this, I really did. But alas, it bored me silly. Still, props for going outside the box (literally)

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2003-11-02 10:23 pm


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2002-10-15 05:46 pm


What are the last three books you read, including your current one? What did you think?
1. "Kingdom of Cages," Sarah Zettel - Liking it a lot, a ton of ethical questions, do the needs of the many really outweigh the needs of the few? Or the one? :)
2. "Aftermath," Charles Sheffield - Love that post-apocalytic fiction. Lets keep it fiction, though, okay Middle East?
3. "A Stir of Echos," Richard Matheson - The movie was VERY loosely based on this, fun to read if for nothing less than the drastic change in attitudes in the past 50 years.

What are the next three books you plan to read, and why?
1. "Perdido Street Station," China Mielville - I've seen/heard about 30 people review this book, and only two were negative. They weren't even negative, just ambivalent. The rest were glowing.
2. "Grunts," Mary Gentile. She's got great word of mouth about her book "Rats and Gargoyles," though lots of lukewarm ones for her "Ash" books. This one is a fluffy high fantasy about the life of an Orc, the original Red Shirts. Looks fun.
3. "Knight of the Word," Terry Brooks. Sequel to "Running with the Demon," which I also recently read. RwtD was a lot of fun, about a girl born to a mystical destiny (very Buffy-esque) and a man chosen to fight against the evil forces that bring about a horrible cataclysm in the future. "Knight" takes place in Seattle, too, big plus!

What are the last three movies you saw?
1. "Amilie," made me go "awwwwwww" and be all sappy like a girl.
2. "Brotherhood of the Wolf," loved it! Didn't necessarily make sense in places but it was pretty and spooky and boy can that hunk of man-flesh kick some ass!
3. "Signs." Hey, I liked it! So what if the ending was kind of iffy. I think I love M. Night. Shamahamamama. "Unbreakable" is one of my top 30ish movies of all time.

What are the next three movies you plan to watch?
1. "Jason X," because it's here.
2. "The Two Towers," because it's pretty much all I can think about, even though I have to wait two months.
3. "The Two Towers," because I'm obsessed.

Well, typing this out took over an hour. Kid chaos!!

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